Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Telling the truth instead of being hypocrisy :)

Hye budak busyuk yg I sayang....I don't know why I'm writing this, but one thing for sure, I miss you badly okay...:(

Yesterday, while we were in the train, waiting for the stop in the next station, you asked me, What is your position/status in my life. Then I replied that you were the last person on the list. You should know that it's obviously/definitely/absolutely not true...

Ok, I'll give you the right answer, I look this from my logical point of view ok (Get Real). You still on my top priority list, don't worry. But sometime it should be flexible since we live in the planet earth.

Since we have succumbed with different situations in this life, you can't always be number 1. Sometimes there's someone else should get my attention first i.e parents, siblings, employer or even the unfortunate people. But I'll never forget about you for sure since I still consider about myself at all times.

What does these following words mean "But I'll never forget about you since I still consider about myself at all times"

It means that whatever your position/status is, I'll put you first before myself. Meaning, whatever I do or will do in every now and then, I'll consider about you before I think about myself. Does it clear enough for you dear? I miss u :(

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