Monday, November 2, 2009

hv u done this before?

Do you ever know or realize or even experience that how people sometimes is pretending to be intently browsing their phone, pretend to make a phone call or typing SMS to avoid a certain social situations? Especially when it's an awkward social situation likes sitting alone in a crowded LRT or anywhere else. While you are waiting for your turn at the bank and a weird stranger is sitting next to you. When you are walking and passing by a certain person you don't like but you want to avoid from looking at their face by pretending to look busy?

I'm sure everyone has done it before. Isn't it? It just a lie for those who doesn't wants to admit. This is a normal phenomenon amongst the people around the globe. We are just human being and GOD has created us along with this attribute. Nowadays, as the technology in communication and computer's gadget has become the very rapid development, somehow it has ruined down the human relation. It makes us not so friendly with the strangers around us, we don't rely on the people's existences and abilities anymore like what we did before the technology era influenced us. Now, we just need to do a few taps on the phone's screen and we'll get everything we want. Usually, all required data will be shown in a simple way yet could be easily understood by the users. This phenomenon is called as HANDPHONE-ITIS

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nurulsyukor said...

what is handphone such terms exist?


handphone -itis is...sorry, i'm not gonna explain this again. 1st paragraph has described everything.

the existence of this terms is unable to identified. I got this from 1 of my acquaintance. I wrote everything pretty similar like what he told me....

i'm going to link u in my page...AZUA..