Monday, November 2, 2009


It's natural for us to not easily get the satisfaction of anything that we have owned. We always crying for more and wish if we could have something beyond what we already have today. It's not because we are not grateful upon the god's rewards but we as a human being never miss to think about the mundane affair. We always try to improve our daily social life and wants it to become better and better. Unfortunately, we never realize our desire sometimes could ruin our life without warning.

Like any other people, I also have such problem in controlling and managing my desire. There's no fullstops or any specific border available to prevent me from keep spending the cash. Everyday I met different people with different stunning equipments or gadgets on their hands which they could cling with all the time. Well, I won't let myself to succumb with such things and the best way how I can avoid them is to spill those desires in here. Hopefully, it could help me in reducing this kind of feeling.

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