Friday, December 2, 2011

Do'a - The Second Ponder

As part of the company initiative to bring the Islamic spiritual and create the harmony working environment all over the workplace, the management team has organized a special slot for Islamic lectures pertaining the religious issues and ethics. The slot being held on every Friday morning and the venue is at the discussion room.

This special program has been practiced like for many many years ago and surprisingly, it still continue to keep the pace until today. Since I'm one of the company's backbones recently (hell no to be truth), I'm now become one of the listener of this lectures. It is also the fact that everyone is mandatory to come and listen on what the lecturer is going to deliver unless, the person unable to make himself/herself available due to the certain excuses.

For today session, the lecturer is one of the company's staff and he is at his late 20's I guess. Normally, the company will invite the totally - stranger -lecturer from outside to come and give a talk but today, the fellow staff was ready on action.

The topic was quite simple yet enough to jolt me and probably to all audiences in the room as well. The fellow staff threw out a few questions to the audience as introduction instead of giving the definition of this particular topic - DO'A.

By asking whether if there any person amongst us still practice or even memorize any of the do'a that I've listed below:

1) before and after you have your meals.
2) whenever you are wearing and taking off your clothes.
3) before you enter and exit from toilet.
4) before you start and accelerate your vehicle.
5) before you step out and stand at the doorstep of your house.

Reminiscing my kindergarten moment, I used to memorize all the do'a, recited all of them accordingly before I commit something. It feels like the do'a come first in mind before anything else. But now, as I grown up, I forget most all of the do'a as I start to leave behind the daily practice. Forgetting verse by verse as the time passed by.

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