Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Very Brand New Assignments

Today is Monday, July 9, 2007. The time now is 12.40 in the afternoon and this weekend is sucks. Do you know why? Because I need to face about 5 new assignments. Those assignment's briefs have published out by lecturers.

I need to pursue a time to settle up these tasks before 18th July. There’s only a couple of weeks ahead. If I’m not done yet before the date line, I’m screwed up and I’m the dead meat my friend. No doubt!

Don’t you think I’m too pathetic right now? All weeks that I’ll go through soon are very horrible as no games, no exciting activities at night and so on. Everything is all about the task given. But something that I can’t miss, the evening sport, whatever happen or how busy I’m, I can’t just sit in front of my desktop, stare the bright monitor.

Oh no man! That’s totally makes me feel unpleasant. At least I need something to reduce and decrease my tension. I’ll become an insane and totally can’t handle well the situation. Plus the latest matter, I’m just submit 4 assignments a couple of weeks ago.

After checking by the lecturer, there still a mistake which need to be corrected. So I need to redo my assignment but not overall, just the particular task. After I got this massive calamity, everything will be completely changed such as the time would be an equinox, no time for oversleep, the thing which always lingering in my mind is assignment. I'm going to be crazy soon. Argh!

But I need to regain back my spirit, get back my willpower as all these are completely related to my future and my fantastic dreams. Even my dreams keep fluctuated, at least I have a dream rather than I got no ambition to pursue. Furthermore, I state a clause and promise to all my beloved person, that I will study hard, stop fooling around, restrict the excitement from over the boundaries and everything that would makes me forsake my responsibility as a student.

I pledge them a crucial successful, promise for dedicating my time in books and whatever that relate with education stuff, but what can I do, I'm vulnerable of sick of those crappy things even I don't want to mess up with them in long term. At the same time, I tried to not devastate all kinds of promises, but, I can’t. I’m just a normal human being.

Back to the main point, about the very new assignment, there are 5 assignments that I need to run before the final exam that will be held in couples of weeks ahead. There’s no time to fool around, all I have to do right now is just concentrate to the task given, surfing the internet, refer to the lecturer's notes, copy from others and anything that will produce and gather me a solution.

Even I was completely prohibited to done something forbidden technique such as copy from others, but I’m unable to follow the constitution that was monitored. Occasionally, we also need to done something wrong to raise something tolerable rite? I’m not wondering about those who was succeeded also just did something wrong for their self-importance.

I have 4 subjects in this semester and it's required me to accomplish 9 assignments. It's clearly a real big of numbers. Nowadays, I had done 4 assignments and there are 5 assignments still left. MANAGEMENT PRINCIPLES AND APPLICATION (MPA)- I got 2 more, CIVIL ENGNIEERING CONSTRUCTION A (CECA)- I got 1, SITE SURVEY PROCEDURE (SSP)- I got 1, and PROJECT MANAGEMENT (PM)- I got 1.

The total is 5 assignments. Argh! I’ll be suffered and tortured all day long. Someone please help me! So, I need to manage my time well to make sure all my leisure is completely off and make the time more efficient.

If I’m just neglecting all importance time, for sure, it will be threaten my pointer and of course my reputation as a no. 1 rookie in diz college :D I need to become a talkative person to gain an imformation, no time to feel shame to each people, everything need to get done faster soon or I’ll deserve something bad.

For sure, trying to complete all these crappy things would make my wrist painful, maybe I need to massage or warming up 1st before I start to type something on the computer's screen with my fingertips.

Moreover, when I pushed all over my afford to settle this, I eager to deserve the DISTINCTION based on my afford that I have poured over the task. My intuition convinces me about my existence to accomplish this.

In a few days ahead, I'm still optimistic that I’ll done this triumphantly and I’ll hit all barriers and obstacles by my own afford. All I need is composure and tranquilly while completing this, sometimes I feel like I’m trying to defuse a nuclear bomb which stuck in my head!

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