Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The test for my wisdom


Today is Monday, July 16, 2007 and I’d like to present something in my blog. It’s not so important and not too interesting as well but it could be entertained you very well somehow. Just hope you all will enjoy this SHIT.

I just want to clarify about my terrible weeks that I must go through with the damn assignments and the tension exam week, the exam that will test my wisdom as a Civil Engineering student. The exam will be held in just 2 days which is starting by tomorrow and the day after tomorrow (Tuesday n Wednesday)

Yeah!, it's not such a novelty moment, just 2 days but I feel like a big calamity come through over my head. It's burden me with no specific boundaries and I feel like my head will detonate into a thousand pieces.

For sure, exam is the main villain for every single student in the earth. No doubt! My cardiovascular is just starting to pump over my blood rapidly than it should be and my chest is trembling after reminiscing my trait which always forsake my studies.

The mourn thing is, I was occasionally present all classes which has stated on the schedule, and always neglect my lecturer during they give their lecture as well (Silly me) I’m very terrible sorry to my lecturer. Please forgive me oh my lecturer!

It's not just my fault, the one who needs to be blamed is the people around which always instigate me to do other thing rather than listen to your boring babbling. All lecturers need to commendable whatever they didn’t do to improve the student’s knowledge. I didn’t meant to offend anyone, I just tell the truth.

Who else that can make me lose of concentration except the people around me? (Think it) Argh! I'm starting to talk nonsense right now. I’m terrible sorry. I just want to defuse all the disputes and misconception which had happened to me.

Back to the main point, there are only 2 subjects that I’ll sit for the paper out of 4 subjects that I run in this semester. As an exam candidate, I need to gain and raise all information related to the real questions that will be asked in the exam.

Monitor all possibly answers from the prediction questions which had presented from my lecturer perhaps will make me more tranquilly during answering the questions on the answer's script

I also need to more befriend to my lecturer and every clever student in my class It seems unreliable for me that such a notorious of a lazy person to do such thing, but I think I still can be a worthwhile person rather than I just petrify myself and dream to increase my pointer.

I just want to show to everyone my real existence and avoid them to keep despised me. Yeah, I got a new willpower and desire after I was completely finish my assignment, but honestly, I’m not done at all, still have a single assignment remains.

Even it is a small amount of number, but there are a lot of implementations need to be taken. There’s no resort for me to relax until this crucial week over. Sometimes, I just want to commit suicide but when I think it back, it just vain, beside that’s not the best procurement of settlement of any problem.

After this horrible week, I’m free as no more assignment, no more exam and all I got after that is self-esteem of FREEDOME. This boredom week will stop to torture me. It such a nuisance! But all that thing will happen after I through this week. The exam which is withering and frowning me still need to go on, my misty eyes need to implement their obligation, make all researches and revision based on the recent note.

I need to emphasize tomorrow's paper and the data to make sure my answers are more sufficient and reliable. I do a teeny-weeny note, but thats not for cheating during the exam, just for my preparation and hopefully it will be useful duly it purpose. We know right, we are not allowed and completely prohibited to cheat.

Aftermath from my past behavior, from now on I need to push hard of memorizing all answers that would be jotted down on the answer's script. The old british aphorism just happen to me, what goes around comes around.

This nowadays moment will be my remembrance and be my good riddance for my bad habit. No more last minutes of completing assignment, no more forsake my studies. Everything will be changed in the next semester right after 2 weeks breaks.

Yeah baby, I’ll pledge my clause. Acquiring a great pointer will be constantly of what I’m aiming in this semester. The initial movement that I got to do now is, expand all essential answer and memorize it, there’s no resort to understand every single points.

I’ve no time, it would be worked if I do this for the past weeks ago. But right now, I’ve no choice, I’m literally desperate, maybe I need to stop here, this entry seems sufficiently at this daytime whereas I got many thing need to do.

I just wonder and fallacy about the aphorism, which 1 is correct? What 'goes around comes around’ or ‘what comes around, goes around’ but what ever it is, for me both sentences are actually related to each other nowadays. We just can’t blame only a single party, other parties should be blamed as well.

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