Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Time Flies

I have never liked working.  To me a job is an invasion of privacy.  ~Danny McGoorty

Today is 17th October 2012 where it marks something to my engineering career. I've been marrying Perwira Al-Shura Consulting Engineers Sdn Bhd as civil engineer for a year now. Being here for a year is something magnificent after considering the company tough circumstances. To date, this is the longest workplace I ever worked and it's worth all the time, effort, throbbing headache, palpitation, crying (as my ex girlfriend was left me during my early involvement in this firm - imagine how badly did I cry haha) and of course lack of sleep.

During my tenure so far, I've through a lot of memories regardless the sweet and the terrible one. It's hard to forget those days especially the hard and difficult moments that I've had endured. I don't expect to work in here until now even I keep complaining every single day about my workload. On another side, I'm glad enough that my time is pretty much occupied with those workloads that I get to enjoy my working life rather than concentrating on my personal life.

My overtime exceeds than 500 hours over my 12 HECTIC months of service here. It's way fantastic compare with other staff members. However, no extra fees being paid upon the extra efforts that I've shown. No special rewards as well except the increment due to my confirmation as company permanent staff. It's also the signal for the probation period was over. That is the terrible thing that ever happened in my career so far I guess. Despite that, I'm glad for myself after be able to go this far. Over 500 extra working hours is like a record that complicated to break. Bravo! Haha, hopeless me..:P

Working under pressure is a normal circumstance for me now, insufficient of manpower doesn't make thing any better when the workloads keep increasing from time to time. Guys, this firm was like a terrible engineering training field to me. Most of the working hours is a brainstorming session. Sometimes, it can't be helped to skip my lunch for the sake of my work. Not just that, I sacrificed a lot of things as well such as money, my quality time with family and friends. Even my ex girlfriend was being one of the victim of my commitments. Sob..sob..sob

Even I keep complaining and whining, I'm still grateful for what I have today. I gain a lot of experiences here where hardly to obtain anywhere. I judge this based on the awarded projects where the firm gets to handle. I'm grateful to have officemates and support staffs which are very friendly, very open minded, easy to communicate and very cooperative. Thanks for being nice to me. I look forward to stay longer in here, but it can't be helped if I'm being offered a new job with handsome income and benefits, I shall grab that :). Im not that stupid to let it go!

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