Sunday, October 21, 2012

I Enjoyed Malaysian Cup Finale.. hewhewhew

I'm not so into Malaysian football and the same applied to international leagues or what so ever related to football.

This happens since I graduated from my studies where I've been apart from friends who-so-addicted to this kind of game. I didn't find the enthusiasm since then... Haih~~~

Even so, I never missed any important match which I found interesting to watch, something that can be entertaining and take me the most.

In order to make me not being viewed as such an outdated man, I use to check the football results in the web, especially EPL and LA LIGA on Not just that, I randomly got to know the player/scorer from here as well and I believe most of us have an idea on this particular website. It's very popular among the football fans.

And I don't subscribe the Astro programs just to fulfill what I think not necessary in my social life. It's a strong reason why the desire into football is degraded. To spent time at mamak stall, I'm too waaaaaay far for that. Haha.

Okay, there is the main objective of this entry ~ Watched final Malaysian cup last night between ATM and Kelantan, thanks to RTM for brought it up live on tv 1. For that, I was able to shout out loud when the scoring parts came. Haha..

This final match suddenly grabbed my attention when it became frenzy lately. Kelantan attempted to win the third victory this year after won Liga Super and FA Cup while ATM show stunning comeback from the beginning to win the title. So I thought it's gonna be a tight game and for real, it happened hehe..

So, Kelantan won the match by beating ATM with 3 goals against 2. Honestly, the match was entertaining with both teams kept attempting to score and I must say it was two ways traffic match.

To make thing more excited, the environment turned out a bit tense when both teams were tied with 2 goals and no choice, the game had to be dragged into the extra time.

Well, it can't be helped that Kelantan did better by scoring their winning goal when the extra time just started. Congratulations to Kelantan, they deserve the victory after showing such outstanding effort.

Honestly, if someone asks which team I'm gonna support, I'll take ATM. I just don't have the interest in Kelantan since most of the fans were bragging about their team spirit, occupied most of the stadium's seats and winning streak. I just can't blend with it. No offense to Kelantan fans okay..huhu

I'm not bothered anyway who team had won and which team succumbed to the lost. It’s fine if I enjoy the game and worth for my time :)

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