Thursday, December 27, 2007

Excited for the brand new semester?

My blog rides again. I found myself more excited than before because I’m suffered for the pass couple of days. I never found myself in situation like this. Living desperately without my computer, gadgets and internet server torture me nicely and ones I regain my goods, there’s no telling how happy I'm. But it seems absurd as tomorrow I’ll be at my hometown back, still have a certain mundane affair need to be settled down.

Came back to my accommodation yesterday, this place is extremely silence from human being, the place that always overwhelming by the roar of the very massive crowd suddenly not alive, only few persons keep strolled around inside this campus. They are the bunch of NEPAL guys (pak guard) and maintenance officer completing their obligation. Today is the 1st day of enrollment week. It's probably a busy day for the person who's involved.

I did the common registration procedure, enrolled thyself in this campus for 9th times(it's a big of number huh?) Everything was fine. Nothing much had changed even since the 1st time I was here around 2 and half years ago. Checked my exam’s result, its not quite good and not quite bad neither. But still increase my pointer rather than it does nothing . That’s the main point. At the same time, I need to retake 2 subjects due to the disappointing mark from the past semester. Have to conduct 4 subjects while the rest just running 2 subjects. Haih! It serve me right.

During the past 10 days, I was on holiday, nothing much I can did due to the raining season. It was sunny day in the morning and switched to a raining day at the evening. But still enjoy with a few activities such as helped my father conducting and arranging his affair, his business, and his workers as well. Scattered the fertilizer all over the palm’s seeds is the only thing I love to did. About Raya Haji day, it still same as before as nothing was stunned.

A new year of 2008 is just around the corner and missing the year of 2007 only few days ahead. We’ll move to the new year. It’s not only about the “year”, but a new willpower, a new dream also have rebirth back. Repent for the bad things, trying to do much better than before. Be matured and stop being childish, crumb, moron, simpleton, crook, gullible, sissy, junky, notorious, impudent, vicious, thug, culprit, racist, peeve, wicked, nitwit, rascal or whatever (reach over my brain ability to process)..bla..bla..bla…

Regarding to the New Year festival, my family and I will make a simple occasion or ceremony or I called it as a kenduri on 30th December 2007. I’m very pleased to welcome all of you. You guys are invited. At the meantime, just come over, no need to bring anything even your apparels, must be naked okay..hahaha..I’m just pulling your legs, don take it serius. Silly me. I’ll served you very well.

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