Friday, December 14, 2007

Unquestionable feeling

Yah! Finally, the day that I’m looking forward almost come. It’s a semester break. After 4 months sticking with this damn college, finally I’ll be on holiday. The semester break is too short and the enrollment day is on 27th of December.

It supposes to start on 5th or 6th of December, but I need to make the procrastination because of something important. Its all about the GP a.k.a group project. I need to study and research about soil nailing project, the title that we chose, then prepare the material and slide show for the presentation and the toughest 1 is to produce the thesis.

During the presentation, my group was doing so well. We made an absolutely sensational performance but the bad thing still occurred. We got a minor problem regarding the thesis draft. Its not follow the sequence and the thesis format. Haih! I don't know how the panels can detect the error. Well, whatever it is, the fidgeting moment had just passed away. So, no need to worry about anything anymore.

About the exam, it's quit bad, I don’t think I did it well. Only 2 papers for this final exam but the questions were peeved. I’m just devastating my chance to increase my pointer but it's not too bad, I still answered the question with the right answer, I admit that I answered a certain question flippantly, but I hope the lecturer will consider about my answer 1st. All I got to do here is, just tawakal. I can't wait to get the results. If I need to do the supplement, I have to, there’s no way for me to ignore it, I don't want to extent my semester. This college torture me so well.

My birthday, I’m just attain at the age of 20s. So that means I’m still young, don't you ever tell me that I’m old now, there’s no point to say that okay. Actually, there’s no special occasion, just ate together wif my entire family. Thanks mum for the remarkable meal and for those who gave me a birthday wish, I’m really appreciate that, thanks for concerning my birthday pal.

I’m still depressed because this year until now, I didn’t get any special present yet, only a cheap watch frm my litle brother. Even it's a cheap watch, it still have a sentimental value towards me. I don't know whether I still have a rightful to deserve any present or souvenir anymore but I don't care at all.

Ah! I think I wrote too much here, my wrist has scaly and the important thing, I don't want to be a bicker. I need to scat from here, it’s a farewell time. Happy RayaA Aidiladha, Merry Cristmas and Happy New Year to all my fellas.

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