Sunday, May 18, 2008

wUt Ev3r j3 l@H!!!!

Rite time 4 d rite thing… its time for bloging.... There r nothing can make me cheer up rite now, perhaps, jotting down something in diz blog can overcome and killing my suxing time rite now….even gaming n movies, those things r not interesting anymore n I easily get bored when I started to play n watch…its kind da vulnerable of bored syndrome… did ya hear bout this syndrome b4??? Actlly, I created by myself…huhu…

In d beginning of diz xciting, I’ve no idea wut is d best thing to story here xcept my life story… n I tink that is not the best story n I’m quite bored bout that… lets try something different frm d previous article.. argh, I’m lacking of idea here, so i juz write down anything that trough inside my mind… it doesn’t matter for ya, I guess…

Rite now, this is the last semester for my dip, but not least 4 me to keep staying here… there are 2 years remaining 4 me to be 1 of the Mantin’s community after I started for d past 3 years … huhuhu… this suburban area is quite sux, most of d people r out of behavior. Shud I called them a small minded people??… Stroll around inside our campus n havoc d peaceful night. . Coming wif their terrible bike with damned noisy piping, its enough 4 distracting all people’s mind n soul… they love to pull their bike’s trigger until at d very ends n bcoz of that, they’ll ride d bike as fast as can n neglect all d people’s safeties around… can u imagine how suxx diz place,??… one more thing, I almost 4get bout diz, illegal race, they’ll perform almost in every nite.. myb to show their stupid bike is faster than ever…faster than any1..argh..Wut d fish!!!!!!

Hmm, got sumtin much interesting here…a new astro has been installed in my pent – house apartment yesterday… n now I’m enjoyed every single channel subscribed. But no movies packages diz time, surely it’ll course me a loads of cash. Besides, I don’t hv much time 4 watching tv until 2 – 4 hours…I’m quite bz to accomplish my esement requirement… actlly, I don’t hv a tv rite now, I borrowed from mail 4 couples days until zairi’s tv arrive frm Kelantan. But I tink, zairi’s tv not gonna b long in my apartment, bcoz, I’ll change it to d biggest 1 with an absolutely powerful sound system, the size is, u surely not gonna believe diz… it 30 in. wide..hahaha.. tell u what, I’m not going to watch in my rest room, but it feel like a cinema with a superb sound system.

Juz come bck from apen’s…2day is d ceremony for his new house located at sendayan… I got invited wif couples of friends since 3 or 4 days ago… d date is in a gud timing, It’s on Sunday, d day that evry1 got bored d most… 3 oclock in d evning, I moved wif din to Labu, met jang n shark there, n straight to apen’s. wah, I’m really starving at dat time n when I d delicious dishes have already served, I ate until i'm not able to stand up....i’m full!!! Thanx’s 4 d dishes … I’m feel gud enough….

Ok, its time 4 bed, 2moro I need to travel to Melaka, got some business there…d way to become a richman…. Money…….

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