Monday, October 22, 2007

It's Not About Raya, It's All About Bergaya

Selamat Hari Raya to all my friends all over the world and now, I'm in my college’s accommodation. Really bored to be here as this hell is extremely silent but not tranquilly at all. Ader hantu!!!!!! Haih! Just want to tell u about my experience for this raya recently. The meaningful raya ever.

I thought so because this raya, I have chances to assemble and being associated with my old schoolmates which I didn’t meet for a long time since 3 years ago. We spent sometimes together and came by to all my friend's house all day long. Reminiscing 2 or 3 years ago, I didn’t have this such wonderful time as I just stayed at home and only visited my closed friend and relatives. During beraya, I never forget to visit my teacher’s house which is cikgu Narima, the BM’s teacher when I was in form 4. She got 4 qiut kids now, hmm, so productive!

As usual, this raya, I got only a pair of baju melayu that was produced from my mom, the best sewer in the world. Even it just the only baju melayu I’ve for this raya, it's enjoying me sufficiently. Thanks ma! The color theme for this raya is purple, try to match up with my bike. It’s cool or not? Want to know the answer, you better watch by your own eyes.

But most of the people said, “wah! It's looking good to where it is”. So thats mean, it awesome on me. Actually, the truth is, I’ve no intent to choose the purple color for my baju melayu, it just happened in all of sudden after my mom called and told me that she already has a fabric 4 my baju melayu. So I juz agreed until the raya’s morning and surprisingly, the color is purple, same color with my bike’s cover set. She just got to be kidding me. Initially, it quite strange yet after that, it's really suit on me. Here I go, merely purple.

Talking about raya, it sounds awkward if there is no duit raya around us. But the problem now is, aku x dpt duit raya. Since the 1st raya until now and after over 50 houses that I came by, only 3 bucks that I was successfully gain, how disappointing. Haih! That is the thing which makes me depressed now.

I deserved to get at least 5 bucks per house. Furthurmore, I’m not 20 years old yet. How could I can’t get my money. Dammit! Compare to the past years, the amount is totally differ and decrease from year to year and the thing that I envious is, why everyone which is contemporary with me can gain a loads of money.

I tell you what, if someone scattered moneys everywhere, I’m the one who snatch that money 1st and for those who are sympathy on me, please remitting me half of your duit raya okay. Don't take it serious, I’m just pulling ur legs guys.

Hmm, it's farewell time for today entry. Before that, if I’ve commit any mistakes or error, it just coincidence, I’ve no intent to offend or insult you guys, please don't think that I’m a culprit, bandit, thug, crumbs, irritator, moron, crook, vicious or any bad faction. So, selamat Hari Raya and sorry for body and soul!

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